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High Technology Skin Friendly Fabric gives Burly Bull Golf Glove the Best Grip and Moisture Management. Go Play!

All Weather Golf Glove

BURLY BULL gloves are a wonderful combination of style and practicality. Resistant to extreme weather conditions the fabric is versatile, breathable and skin friendly. Its lightweight, comfortable and tight fit helps you enjoy every moment of your game. BURLY BULL Golf glove provides a secure solid grip.

Better design! Better features!

BURLY BULL is all weather Golf Glove made of less than 0.35 mm super leathersof fabric, the best and thinnest available in the world. Impressive and aesthetically fabricated quality finished fabric that helps in enhancing the feel of the game,


Breathability and Cool Comfort

Designed to provide comfort and breathability in the glove.


Contoured Fit Improving Flexibility

Tailored to fit you snugly while maintaining flexibility.


Mark of Superior Quality

Trust the Burly Bull mark to provide you golf gloves with superior quality and comfort.


Superior Durable Fabric

Made from imported leathersof imported fabric, the best and thinnest available in the world.


Resistant to extreme weather conditions

Superior fabric and manufacturing for a long lasting quality.


Better, Secure and Solid Grip on the Club

Designed to provide a better and secure grip on the club, enhancing the feel of the game.

Burly Bull All Weather Golf Glove

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I take care of my Burly Bull Golf Glove?

Please note that you are supposed to follow the instructions given below to ensure longevity of your Burly Bull Golf Glove.

  •    Cool Wash
  •    No Iron
  •    No Bleach
  •    No Tumble Dry

Burly Bull Golf Glove is available in which sizes?

Burly Bull All Weather Golf Glove is available in Small, Medium, Medium Large, Large and Extra Large sizes. Please see the table below for the exact measurements.

Burly Bull Golf Glove available sizes

To measure Length: measure from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm, stopping at the first crease on your wrist closest to your palm. The measurements given are approximate and meant to guide you in your size choice.

If I want more than a pack of 3, who do I contact?

While you can make multiple purchases on Amazon itself, you are welcome to call Mr. Praveen Grover at +91-9810116837 or email us at for bulk purchases or any queries.